The Services We Provide

We stand ready to provide service in any number of capacities from site approvals, building design, estimating, scheduling and construction. We are prepared to see a project through from planning and design concept to final completion, or participate in any of the individual steps along the way.

Top Tier Service

We are our clients Planning, Design and Construction Partner, and by providing good value for a competitive price we strive to efficiently build the highest quality product possible.

There are no other organizations in our marketplace that offers the range of innovative construction services that we do.

Customer Satisfaction

Our company works to provide our services in the most timely manner and with ongoing quality-control program to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Everyone at Graham Design & Construction understands that we wish to create a mutually beneficial long-term relationship with all our clients.


The Graham Advantage The Graham advantage is our people and their resources.

Since our inception, we have always embraced new products, equipment, processes, and technology as a means of setting ourselves apart from our competition. We purchased our first computer for accounting and estimating in 1981 and by the mid-80s we had added 3D CAD software and necessary hardware to run it.

Since then we have continued to upgrade and add new technology. We now have a web-based Construction Service Management System (CSM) that integrates estimates, meeting minutes, schedules, subtrades, PO’s, drawings, and documents into one unique system that our staff can access anywhere there is Internet service. Our Superintendents have iPads that connect to the CMS giving them instant and up-to-date information on their project.

Our people are a talented and dedicated group who all believe in providing our clients with the best service possible.

Butler Pre-Engineered Buildings

Graham Design & Construction has over 50 years in the metal building industry and sold it's first Pre-Eng building in 1969. In 1971, we started to actively market Butler Pre-Eng buildings. As a result we thoroughly understand the uses and capabilities of pre-engineered building systems. When you choose this system, budgetary, aesthetic and structural requirements are easily met.

Pre-engineered buildings are used in a wide variety of applications, including commercial, industrial, offices and community complexes. The benefits of this building system are seen today, tomorrow and in the future. When you erect a metal building today, you have the benefit of cost efficiency, design flexibility, and the predictability of on-time construction deadlines. Tomorrow, your benefits continue with minimal maintenance requirements. In the future, as your business grows or your needs change, the building is comparatively easy to expand and update.

  • Cost Effective

    Optimize the building design and reduce the weight of the steel. This savings can be as much as 40% compared to conventional steel buildings.

  • Fast Construction Timetables

    Pre-engineered buildings take an average of 33% less time to erect compared with other types of construction. Time is money, and a shorter construction timetable translates into savings and a kept budget.

  • Open Clear Spans

    With no need for interior columns or bearing walls, the open clear span allows the interior design flexibility needed in many industrial and commercial applications.

  • Design Flexibility

    Almost any shape and size of building for almost any use, with variable eave heights, lengths, widths and cladding possibilities.

  • Architectural Versatility

    Without the restrictions of bearing walls, the design limitations of conventional buildings do not apply. Almost any type of building material can be incorporated, and there are a wide variety of attractive choices for trims and cladding.

  • Quality Standards

    Produced in a controlled manufacturing environment in accordance with strict national standards to ensure quality and consistency.

  • Water Tight Roof and Wall Systems

    Exterior claddings provide excellent water and moisture protection.

  • Low Lifetime Maintenance

    More resistant to corrosion and decay than other building materials. Roofing systems can last past 40 years without any significant maintenance.

  • Non-Combustible

    Made of steel and are non-combustible - an added benefit when municipal hydrants and fire services are not available.

  • Energy Efficient

    A variety of insulation systems are available, including fiber glass metal building insulation, insulated "sandwich panels" and sub purlin systems, ensuring the building is well insulated and cost effective to heat.

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Maintenance, Renovations and Re-Roofs

Clarence H. Graham Design & Construction Ltd. also offers clients a building envelope maintenance service that includes inspections and repiars of all types of roof and wall systems.

Pre-Engineered Metal Roofs

Since roofs are out of sight, they are out of mind and anytime there is a problem, it started long before it became obvious. Whether you are having problems or not, it is advisable that a qualified pre-engineered roofing contractor inspects these types of roofs every 5 to 6 years. If your building is over 20 years old, there is a good chance that the amount of insulation used at that time was substantially lower than what would be used today. In addition to that, age can reduce the vapor barrier efficiencies, allowing some moisture penetration that could have reduced your insulation to less than half of its original value.

The most effective way to fix the roof is to install a new pre-engineered roof system over top of the existing. This method can increase your insulation at least 7 times more than your currently have. Not only will the leaks be eliminated, the savings in energy will give you a reasonable payback. If you have not had your roof looked at for some time, or you are having problems with it, we would be happy to make arrangements to do a review and provide you with a qualified "Roof Inspection Report" Our personnel have extensive metal roof experience, having installed well over 1,500,000 square feet of metal roofs aver the last four decades.

Single Source Design & Construction

For over five decades Graham Design & Construction has been commited to providing an exceptional construction service that fits the unique needs of each of its clients. The substantial number of repeat clients is a testimonial to our success.

Single Source Design & Construction is a building delivery method that blends design, management, and construction services into a single-source responsibility. It provides all the advantages of Design-Build with the added benefit of tendering. This method allows the contractor and owner to have more flexibility and work together to find the best solutions needed to fit the owner’s budget
  • The “best value” is a balance of quality, economy and innovative design

  • Site selection and development layout has a significant effect on the project cost

  • “Single source responsibility” means less stress and lower cost for the owner

  • “High quality” is not necessarily always the most expensive solution

  • Investing in higher quality construction generally means lower long-term maintenance and operation costs

"The only real opportunity for saving money in a construction project is during the planning & design phase, beyond that point money can only be spent."


Accessibility Retrofit Service

We are committed to helping our clients find cost-effective solutions for buildings that do not meet current accessibility requirements. Our “Accessibility Retrofit Service” includes a review of how future Accessibility Standards will affect your facilities. We will also provide you with cost alternatives for the necessary architectural, structural, and construction service you might need to bring your building up to a standard that will meet the current & future accessibility requirements.